Beginning of the End [Mormon 1-6]

Mormon had a sad existence - born and raised in wickedness, conflict, and violence. What are we supposed to learn from his life, experiences, and …

Zion Era [3 Nephi 27 - 4 Nephi 1]

Jesus finishes his ministry in the Americas leading to the Nephites and Lamanites building a utopian society.

Transcripts: David Doyle
Audio: Tamarra Kemsley

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Conference Recap [3 Nephi 20 - 26]

Recap of October 2020 General conference

Why the Savior quoted the exile narrative of the Israelites to the people of Nephi and what that has to do with the LGBTQ community, what inclusion …

Jesus Talk w/The Faithful Feminists [3 Nephi 17-19]

Joining our sisters over at the Faithful Feminists today to discuss this week's Come Follow Me! The compassion of Christ and the feminist undertones …

BONUS: Interview with Danielle Calder of @OurMotherInHeaven

A conversation about Heavenly Mother

Danielle Calder is the founder and creator of Our Mother in Heaven, an online organization that shares information about God the Mother from The Church …

Jesus to the Other Sheep [3 Nephi 12-16]

We begin Jesus ministry to the Nephites and discuss the sermon on the mount

Audio Editing: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript Editing: David Doyle

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The Storm Before The Calm [3 Nephi 8-11]

Christ goes Avatar Kyoshi and owns the destruction of Nephite cities and lives to usher in a new era that will begin the crowning moment of the BoM - the appearance of Christ in the …

On The Morrow [3 Nephi 1-7]

What the trials of the Nephites an Lamanites in the midst of the Gadianton Robbers teach us about empathy, resilience, law and order, and more...

Audio Edits: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript …

Samuel The Lamanite [Helaman 13-16]

Samuel's sermon, the legacy of economic justice in sacred texts, commitments to ignorance and more...

Transcript: David Doyle
Audio Edit: Tamarra Kemsley


Nephi Vs. The World [Helaman 7-12]

What Nephi and Kaepernick have in common, what we learn about discourse regarding heavy subjects, and more

Audio editing: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript editing: David Doyle

BONUS: Interview with Dr. Farina King

Dr. Farina King, a citizen of the Navajo Nation, is Assistant Professor of History and affiliated faculty of Cherokee and Indigenous Studies at …

Pride and Remembrance [Helaman 1-6]

We learn about reparations, textiles, the subversive power of remembering and more in this week's episode.

Editing: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript editing: David Doyle

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War Chapters Pt. 2 [Alma 53-63]

What we learn about and from the Anti-Nephi-Lehite women based on what is not written.

What we can learn about racial justice from Moroni's complaint to Pahoran.

What we learn about allyship …

War Chapters Pt.1 [Alma 43-52]

The first of the war chapters and what we can learn from the methods of war and the Nephite/Lamanite conflict

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Get Right, Get Back To Work [Alma 39-42]

We get great doctrine and another story of redemption in this week's lesson and yet again there are practical applications to our day.

Transcription: David Doyle
Audio Editing: Tamarra Kemsley

And Shiblon [Alma 36-38]

Helaman got a whole book. Corianton got three chapters. The least we could do is name an episode for Shiblon

Link to Rev. Dr. Fatimah Salleh's course …

Reclaiming My Zoramites [Alma 32-35]

Alma 32-35

What the mission to the Zoramites teaches us about refugees, claiming your space, and reparations and more

Throw coins:

Transcription editing: David Doyle

Truth In Heresy [Alma 30-31]

Alma 30-31

Why was Korihor so convincing?
Why didn't he get a second chance?
How can we see ourselves in Korihor and the Zoramites?

Audio editing: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcription editing: David …

Mission Conclusion [Alma 23-29]

Why are white folks waking up now?

Alma 23-29

Transgressive Heroes (feat. The Faithful Feminists)[Alma 17-22]

Our friends and sisters in Christ @thefaithfulfeminists join us for an edifying discussion on Alma 17-22. Socially transgressive relationships and …

BONUS: Interview with Taylor Petrey

Dr. Taylor Petrey, author of the upcoming book Tabernacles of Clay: Sexuality and Gender in Modern Mormonism, joins us to discuss his work, his book, and what it means for the conversation …

It's Pronounced "Police Brutality" [Alma 13-16]

The church has made two statements now, one with the NAACP, and still couldn't say the important things.

Alma 13-16

Audio Editing: Tamarra Kemsley

Late and Lacking [Alma 8-12]

President Nelson's statement on racism and why it didn't go far enough

Alma 8-12 and what it teaches about allyship and how those with power justify their sin.

Audio Editing: Tamarra Kemsley

More Black Pain [Alma 5-7]

George Floyd, Amy Cooper, and black pain

Come Follow Me: Alma 5-7

Editing and Mixing: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcription editing: David Doyle

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Political Reform [Mosiah 29 - Alma 4]

Come Follow Me (Mosiah 29 - Alma 4)

Significance of the change in Nephite government, what a Trump presidency might mean for us, the effects of a …

"Mourn With Those That Mourn..." [Mosiah 18-24]


Come Follow Me: Mosiah 18-24

What the baptismal covenant, as outlined in chapter 18 can teach us about how we minister to people among …

Abinadi and Noah [Mosiah 11-17]

Come Follow Me (Mosiah 11-17)

Edited by Tamarra Kemsley

The One Year Mark [Mosiah 7-10]

We've been at it a year! Look at us

Come Follow Me
Mosiah 7-10

What King Limhi can teach us about dealing with this pandemic among other things.

Edited …

Are We Not All Beggars [Mosiah 4-6]

Come Follow Me: Mosiah 4-6

Edited by Tamarra Kemsley
Transcribed by David Doyle

King Benjamin's Sermon pt. 1 [Mosiah 1-3]

A quick analysis of the first three chapters of Mosiah

Edited by: Tamarra Kemsley

Easter And Conference Prep

Seeing as how we'll want to discuss conference during our next show, this episode will be a preparation for conference, including a discussion on the first vision, and a discussion of …

End of the Small Plates [Enos - Words of Mormon]

Come Follow Me (8:00)
Enos - Words of Mormon

Transcribed by David Doyle

BONUS: Interview With Rev. Dr. Fatimah Salleh And Margaret Olsen Hemming

Authors Rev. Dr. Fatimah Salleh and Margaret Olsen Hemming join us to discuss their new book Book of Mormon For The Least Of These Volume 1, …

Khyreauxnah [Jacob 5-7]

That 'rona has cancelled everything

Come Follow Me (26:10)
Jacob 5-7

Transcribed by David Doyle

The Other CES Letter [Jacob 1-4]

The mess over the CES Commissioner's Letter to CES schools

Come Follow Me (41:18)
Jacob 1-4

Nephi: Prophet, Seer, and Trauma Survivor [2 Nephi 31-33]

News (6:52)
Church Statements on Coronavirus
Rich Middle School
BHM ends, WHM begins

Come Follow Me (17:56)
2 Nephi 31-33

Transcribed by Lauren Johns

"And He Inviteth Them ALL..." [2 Nephi 26-30]

"And he denieth NONE..."

(6:44) - BYU Honor Code change
(12:54) - Church handbook update
(44:00) - 3rd Annual Black LDS Legacy Conference Recap

Come …

"...After All We Can Do" [2 Nephi 11-25]

We really spent this whole episode covering 15 chapters on a piece of a sentence...

Saints Vol. 2

Come Follow Me (13:51)
2 Nephi 11-25 (but really …

Black Panel, White Tears [2 Nephi 6-10]

Fish gotta fly, birds gotta swim, BYU gotta racist

Black Immigrant Panel at BYU gone awry
Romney's courage
Buttigieg's significance

Come Follow Me …

Black(Mamba+Skin+History Month) [2 Nephi 1-5]

Happy Black History Month!

Outrage over mourning of Kobe
New digital Church Handbook

Come Follow Me: (22:15)
Dark Skin and curses

For Marvin Perkins' …

Broke Bows And Typos [1 Nephi 16-22]

Utah Bans Conversion Therapy
BYU allows same-sex couples to compete in DanceSport
"Error" in Come Follow Me manual
Clayton Christensen

Come Follow …

Brother Jones Got Opposed [1 Nephi 11-15]

Derek discusses an incident at school
James discuses an incident at church

News (22:35)
Church's statement on feminism
Crystal Legionnaires

Come Follow Me …

The Vision [1 Nephi 8-10]


Come Follow Me: (08:06)
1 Nephi 8-10

Prayer Roll: (55:31)

Did Laban Have To Die [1 Nephi 1-7]

The UMC Split

Come Follow Me: (17:02)
1 Nephi 1-7

Prayer Roll: (53:22)
Make Women Great Again Convention

New Testament, Who Dis [Introductory Pages]

An antisemitic attack almost every day last week

CFM (14:23)
We're starting the Book of Mormon! Title page and Introduction page

Prayer Roll …

BONUS: Why We Believe

James and Derek discuss what brought them to their faith and why they remain

Do You Want A Revolution [Revelation 12-22]

Tithing money scandal
Church Handbook Update

Come Follow Me: Rest of The Book of Revelation

The Episode Before Christmas

Family Search and Ed Smart

Come Follow Me: Christmas
A discussion on the implications of the Christmas story for those on the margins.

#LightTheWorld [Rev 1-11]

News: 00:09:45
Statement on refugees
#LightTheWorld campaign and more

Come Follow Me: 00:26:44
Rev 1-11

Prayer Roll: 00:53:12
A racist suing the parents of …

Deerfield Sheroes [1-3 John; Jude]

News: (00:02:18)
BYU Idaho plays a reverse card

CFM: (00:09:09)
John, John, John, and Jude teach us about Love, Apostasy and more

Prayer Roll (00:49:50)

Be Ready Always To Give An Answer [1 and 2 Peter]

BYU Idaho rejects students on Medicaid
Chick-fil-A had an identity Crisis this week
Active Shooter Response drills - Practical or Duck and Cover all …

James Is A Problem [James]

Strong words from the Pope
Good News for Rodney Reed

James isn't cool with the rich or with folks who can't define faith properly.

Juice needs to mind …

...And Hymens [Hebrews 7-13]

We don't read the manual so we didn't catch the Philemon controversy when we should have

Hebrews 7-13 Melchizedek as a queer hero

Rapper/Actor T.I. …

Herbert, Hebrews, and Heresy [Hebrews 1-6]

Governor Herbert made us proud to be Mormons this week with his response to 45's executive order

Hebrews 1-6

A 12 year old dresses as a nazi in a …

Subversive Christianity [1 and 2 Timothy; Titus; Philemon]

What we learned from this week's Come Follow Me and the apostles' visit to New England about strategically using Christianity to subvert oppressive …

Conversion Therapy = Bad [1 and 2 Thessalonians]

The church's opposition to a bill banning conversion therapy was the big news this week. Why did the church oppose it and how did folks feel?

Atatiana …

Conference Recap October 2019 [and Colossians]

General Conference Recap!
All the announcements and a discussion on the talks of Sister Aburto, Elder Johnson, President Oaks, and President Nelson.

The Changes Keep Coming [Philippians]

Changes to youth program and who can witness ordinances made this week!
The verdict and sentencing of the Botham Jean case

Paul's most high spirited …

Jesus Doesn't Do Walls [Ephesians]

Gearing up for conference

What Ephesians teaches about anger, walls, and gender roles.

A woman who shot first and asked questions later as a well as a …

Paul Vs. President Nelson [Galatians]

President Nelson's BYU Devotional

We go through the book of Galatians and Paul's call-out of Peter's bigotry. The question of how Paul would respond …

Examine Yourselves [2 Corinthians 8-13]

Remembering 9/11
Jessyca's 2nd Coming Out

2nd Half of 2 Corinthians

Body shaming referee and the BPD join the prayer roll

Make It Make Sense! [2 Cor. 1-7]

We got our first one star review, but we don't get it!

2 Corinthians 1-7

One of the September Six has her petition for reinstatement denied

Not A God Of Confusion [1 Cor. 14-16]

update to church handbook
BYU amicus brief

God is not a God of confusion
Paul's teachings on women

Pray for Marysville, Michigan

Of Chris Rock and Corinthians [1 Cor. 8-13]

Church's new child protection training
400th anniversary of the of the institution of slavery

Last half of 1 Corinthians
"I don't know what Oats does, but Hall never had a hit record without …

Our Bodies Matter [1 Cor. 1-7]

Church's WoW statement
Ken Cuccinelli's Faux Pas

Paul exhorts the saints to unity in this week's Come Follow Me

An Objectively Awful Week [Romans 7-16]

Three mass shootings and the biggest ICE raid in decades

The Longest Clobber Passage [Romans 1-6]

Since this week's Come Follow Me lesson covers the longest clobber passage in scripture, we took some time to talk about it and why we can't use the …

LDS @NAACP CON [Acts 22-28]

The big story is what happened at the NAACP convention and what the President Nelson was doing there.

What we learn from Paul's defenses

Prayer Roll: …

Send Who Back [Acts 16-21]

The Prophet's meeting with the NAACP
New youth program
Acts 16-21

45's acolytes make the prayer role

What God Hath Cleansed [Acts 10-15]

...that call not thou common
In depth discussion of the implications of Acts 10-15 for marginalized communities and the church.

News: Emma Gee, New …

Welcome Back Kulvē [Acts 6-9]

Payson Temple repents
#NotMyAriel was trending on July 4th
Loyalty requires criticism
Acts 6-9
Prayer Roll: All the folks mad about a conversion …

Loc'd Out The Temple [Acts 1-5]

How Taylor Swift and Dan Reynolds could improve their LGBTQ allyship
Acts 3 and 4 for Come Follow Me
The Payson Temple did something pretty racist.

Forgiveness And Reparations [Matt 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20-21]

The border
And a discussion on this week's come follow me as well as next week's

From now on, instead of talking about this week's Come …

Vintage Oaks [Matt 27; Mark 15; Luke 23; John 19]

President Oaks BYU-H devotional
Sudan and Selective Outrage
Tan France and Mormons

and more

1978 And Straight Pride [Matt 26; Mark 14; Luke 22; John 18]

Boston and Utah had rough weeks

41st anniversary of the revelation on the priesthood
GO SEE #WHENTHEYSEEUS if you wanna be more like Jesus!

#PRIDE [John 13 - 17]

A primer for the masses, especially the saints coming into PRIDE month.

June 2nd come follow me (Widow's mite, Parable of talents and others).

Mike …

McKenna Denson...Yikes [JS Matt 1; Matt 25; Mark 12-13; Luke 21]

McKenna Denson and Mike Norton return to relevance and it's not pretty.

Jacinda Ardern should still be with us.

Boston's MFA and Ben Carson join the …

Abortion and Equality Act

Shut up and mind your business - Thessalonians 4:11

Sounds About White [Matt 18; Luke 10]

White supremacy had time for the country and the church this week

BYU's Galedictorian

BYU graduates a gay valedictorian
Pray For Dan Peterson and Sean Grubbs-Robishaw

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