Piece of God [Matt. 11-12; Luke 11]

Loving enemies, dialogue of this week's texts with quakerism, and more

[Matt 9-10; Mark 5; Luke 9]

Several stories covered in these four chapters of healings and other of Jesus' engagement with different kinds of people.

Jesus the Healer [Matt 8; Mark 2-4; Luke 7]

most of the stories this week revolve around the physical and healing capabilities of Jesus and we talk about the world around those healings this …

Sermon Continued [Matthew 6-7]

continuing a talk on the Sermon on the Mount and making room

True Religion Jesus [Matthew 5; Luke 6]

A discussion on the Sabbath, the Sermon on the Plain, and more

Temptations and Cleansing [John 2-4]

Today, it's about the implications of the temptations, angry Jesus, access to God, and more.

LDS Anti-Racism 101 Course: btbacademy.thinkific.com

Breaking Every Yoke [Matt 4; Luke 4-5]

A conversation on the temptations, the wilderness, liberation theology, and more.

The Way of the Lord [Matt. 3; Mark 1; Luke 3]

A review of John the Baptist, his teachings, the setting of Mark, and more

James's course: BTBAcademy.thinkific.com

Paul and Oaks [John 1]

Getting into the history of the book of John, it's famous prologue, more conversation on family, and more.

Why the Shepherds [Matt 2; Luke 2]

Moving into the birth story this week, the backdrop, the annunciation, and more :)

New Year, New Testament [Matt 1; Luke 1]

We're back for now and we missed y'all. Let's just enjoy the moment as we enter a new unit and learn new truths together :)

"For Such a Time as This" [Esther]

We just had to return for this one. Lots of wisdom in this text when it comes to activism in such a short work that centers a woman, talks about privilege, poor leadership, and prejudice. …

BONUS: Fatimah Salleh and Margaret Olsen Hemming II

They're back and we're discussing their newly released, much needed and anticipated Book of Mormon for the Least of These: Volume 2. We discuss some …

BONUS: At Last She Said It

Joined today by our friends Susan and Cynthia of At Last She Said It. Our dialogue focuses on what brought them into their ministry, their goals, and how women navigate membership in the …

Fall of David [2 Samuel, 1 Kings 1-11]

We went from talking about David's triumphs to talking about his failures and their impact. On his soul, on the women in his life, his kingdom, etc. …

God First and Queer Love [1 Samuel]

Questionable leadership, the wisdom of Abigail, and the love between two men are among the things that come up in our discussion of Samuel. Enjoy :)

Transcript: David Doyle
Episode Outlines: …

BONUS: Interview with Nate Byrd of The Black Menaces

This week's episode will be late so enjoy this episode we did with Nate Byrd of The Black Menaces as we talk about their inception, objectives, experiences and more on this bonus episode!

The Book of [Ruth]

Today, we talk about how a childless, husbandless, foreign woman in the ancient world became the ancestress of Jesus and what the implications of her story are.

Transcript: David Doyle

"Fine" Idolatry [Judges]

As it happens, the Book of Judges, in which idolatry is a central theme, helps us talk about the events mass shootings of the last two weeks. We also …

We Don't Preach from [Joshua]

Rahab and labels, the problematic undertone of colonialism in the Joshua text, and more is discussed in this week's coverage of the Book of Joshua.

The Law Review [Deuteronomy]

Once again, more material than what we can cover, but a good discussion nonetheless on a review of the law, the Shema, the Sinaitic law as God's suzerain/vassal treaty, and more

Transcript: …

School of the Wilderness [Numbers 11-14, 20-24]

The wilderness for the Israelites was a time of learning and unlearning some hard and necessary lessons with God. We discuss as many of those as we can in the time we still went over.

Finer Points of the Law [Exodus 35-40, Lev 1,16,19]

When the Come Follow Me manual skips several chapters, we'll just do longer episodes covering what we feel should've been covered in those chapters! …

Laws and the Calf [Exodus 24, 31-34]

We attempt a brief overview of the chapters we miss in the Come Follow Me lesson (Spoiler Alert: We failed). Then a discussion on the implications of …

The God Who Brought You Out of Egypt [Exodus 18-20]

What Moses' interaction with Jethro teaches us about church administration among other things, the blessing of the ten commandments, and more in this episode.

Transcript: David Doyle
Episode …

Easter 2022

Happy Easter! Given the events of the last week, it seemed appropriate to talk about the women of Easter and the lessons they teach us.

Transcript: David Doyle
Episode Outlines: Stephanie …

Crossing on Dry Ground [Exodus 14-17]

Discussion on Song of the Sea, the first tests in the wilderness, and holding up the hands.

Transcript: David Doyle
Episode Outlines: Stephanie …

The Plagues [Exodus 7-13]

A discussion of the plagues. Beowulf makes an appearance somewhere. More conversation on allyship, compromise, and more this week.

Transcript: David …

It Means Coming Out [Exodus 1-6]

Discussions on: The intervention of the women in the story, Exodus as a coming out, what we can learn from Moses's call, and more.

Transcript: David Doyle
Episode Outlines: Stephanie …

Family Reunion [Genesis 42-50]

A coming out story embedded in a family reunion story and a conversation about forgiveness.

Transcript: David Doyle
Episode Outlines: Stephanie Peterson, Christine LeStarge, Mary Gavilanes, …

Dinah, Tamar, and Joseph [Gen 34-41]

CW: Rape

A discussion on Dinah (and why her story was skipped), Tamar as a seeker of justice, and Joseph as a queer hero.

Transcript: David Doyle
Episode Outlines: Stephanie Peterson, …

Mighty Wrestle [Genesis 28-33]

A conversation on Jacob's stories including poetic justice, his wrestle with God, and the trouble in his household.

Transcript: David Doyle
Episode …

Into the Gray Area [Genesis 24-27]

Sitting with the discomfort of imperfect, messy, and complicated families of the bible. How are we to read the deceit of Rebekah and Jacob? What's the consequence? What will God do with it?

Scandalous Origins [Genesis 18-23]

There's A LOT. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Expulsion of Hagar and Ishmael, birth of Isaac and his attempted sacrifice, the conception of …

The Abrahamic Saga

We transition from the broad stories of humanity to the story of the patriarch's family and there's a lot to unpack in these few chapters. The voice of women, Hagar's encounter with God, …

The Flood and the Tower

A discussion on genre and what the stories of the Flood and the Tower of Babel might mean.

Transcript: David Doyle
Episode Outlines: Stephanie Peterson, Christine LeStarge, Mary Gavilanes, …

Last of Enoch [Moses 7]

Transcript: David Doyle
Episode Outlines: Stephanie Peterson, Christine LeStarge, Mary Gavilanes, Jen Altman, and Beth Johnson

Transcripts available …

BONUS: Daniel McClellan

We're joined by biblical scholar and TikTok personality Daniel McClellan to talk about responsible Bible reading, accessible scholarship, and more on …

The Introduction of Sin [Gen 3-4; Moses 4-5]

A conversation on the Fall, asking the right questions, who's under the curse of Cain and more.

Transcript: David Doyle
Episode Outlines: Stephanie Peterson, Christine LeStarge, Gabrielle …

Welcome to Hebrew Bible [Gen 1-2; Mos 2-3; Abr 4-5]

We officially begin a conversation on the Hebrew Bible and the creation narrative it begins with. Family proclamation returns, as well the contrast of the biblical creation narrative and …

Temptation of Moses [Moses 1, Abraham 3]

::Bruce Buffer voice:: IT'S TIIIIMMME for us to venture into the Hebrew Bible unit, but we're starting off with a conversation on the Book of Moses in the Pearl of Great Price.

We discuss …

Christmas v3

The Christmas episode. What the 'reason for the season' is and a reminder of the origin of the "Come, Follow Me" line.

Transcript: David Doyle
Episode …

[The Family Proclamation]

CW: Nazi Propaganda

Today we come after the dreaded Family Proclamation in hopes to say something we haven't already said. Derek juxtaposes the document next to nazi propaganda and finds …

Beginning of the Endgame [Articles of Faith, OD1, OD2]

Wrapping up Come Follow Me for this year beginning with a discussion on the Articles of Faith and Official Declarations 1 and 2.

Transcript: David …

Salvation After Death [Doctrine and Covenants 137-138]

A conversation about the implications of Joseph Smith and Joseph F. Smith's revelations regarding life after death.

Transcript: David Doyle
Episode Outlines: Stephanie Peterson, Christine …

BONUS: Brother Jones' talk on Priesthood Keys

Given in the Harlem 1st ward on November 28th, 2021 in the 128th and Malcolm X building.

The Martyrdom [Doctrine and Covenants 135-136]

Today, we attempt to discuss the martyrdom, the circumstances surrounding it, and the implications of it, and more.

Transcript: David Doyle
Episode Outlines: Stephanie Peterson, Christine …

Very Human Fingerprints [Doctrine and Covenants 133-134]

Apocalyptic text and white supremacist influence are the topics of discussion this week.

Transcript: David Doyle
Episode Outlines: Stephanie Peterson, Christine LeStarge, Gabrielle Honda, Jen …

Messy Text [Doctrine and Covenants 129-132]

Derek has a big announcement, we try to address the complexity of one of the most controversial sections in the Doctrine and Covenants, and more.

Audio: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript: David …

"Glory In Tribulation" [Doctrine and Covenants 125-128]

More temple theology in this episode with more doctrine concerning baptism for the dead.

Audio: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript: David Doyle
Episode …

Nauvoo Beginnings [Doctrine and Covenants 124]

The saints have escaped their persecution and are now in Nauvoo setting up a new community. We talk about the temple, the sin of inhospitality, and more in this episode.

Audio: Tamarra …

At Liberty [Doctrine and Covenants 121-123]

A discussion on the quality of God's council to an oppressed people and what this council means and ought to mean for the saints today including our relationship to ecclesiastical leaders …

Conference Recap and [Doctrine and Covenants 115-120]

Conference recap and what we can learn from this week's CFM starting at 23:14 including the name of the church and the power of invoking the name of …

Questionable Decisions and Backup Plans [Doctrine and Covenants 111-114]

We never made it out of 111, but it's a good discussion nonetheless :)
Conversations on backup plans, Mujerista Theology, and questionable decisions.

Temple Accepted [Doctrine and Covenants 109-110]

A review of temple theology in light of the dedicatory prayer and significant revelations taking place in the Kirtland temple.

Audio: Tamarra Kemsley

Priesthood Accountability [Doctrine and Covenants 106-108]

Most of this episode will be a discussion on what we can rightly expect of our priesthood leaders.

Audio: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript: David Doyle
Episode Outlines: Stephanie Peterson, …

Beginning of the End [Doctrine and Covenants 98-101]

The oppression of the Saints in Missouri has begun and the Lord's council in these times indicates various factors preventing their task of building Zion. We discuss pacifism, what kept …

What Reading? [Doctrine and Covenants 94-97]

Did we do the reading? Yes.
Did we reference it? Yes.
Was it the focus? Not by a long shot.

There was a lot to talk about this week in Mormonism and it it took a lot of time to unpack.

Audio: …

BONUS: Bro. Jones' sacrament meeting talk post-Holland

Brother Jones happened to be assigned to speak in church the Sunday following Elder Holland's remarks. This is a recording of his talk.

Remarks given …

The Value of Light and Truth [Doctrine and Covenants 93]

Section 93 answers several theological questions. Our focus is primarily on the role of light and truth in our journey exaltation.

Book referenced: …

WoW Oaks [Doctrine and Covenants 89-92]

A discussion on President Oaks' words on inclusion as well as what the circumstances surrounding the Word of Wisdom revelation and the apocrypha can teach us and more.

Transcript: David Doyle

Another Temple Revelation [Doctrine and Covenants 88]

The expansive nature of section 88, the comforter, and more

audio: Tamarra Kemsley
transcript: David Doyle

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Ark Steady [Doctrine and Covenants 85-87]

The real way to talk about ark steadying and the value of keeping a history for the saints and more

Audio: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript: David Doyle

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Demythologizing [Doctrine and Covenants 84]

Derek and James yet again fail to get through one section of the Doctrine and Covenants in a timely manner. Quick discussion about pioneer day …

Much is Required [Doctrine and Covenants 81-83]

audio: Tamarra Kemsley
transcript: David Doyle

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"Equal in Earthly Things" [Doctrine and Covenants 77-80]

audio: Tamarra Kemsley
transcript: David Doyle

Solutions to Slander[Doctrine and Covenants 71-75]

Lots of beneficial principles in here when it comes to spiritual self-reliance, addressing anti-mormon rhetoric and more.

Transcript: David Doyle

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His …

"When Moved Upon" [Doctrine and Covenants 67-70]

audio: Tamarra Kemsley
transcript: David Doyle

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Overcome The World [Doctrine and Covenants 64-66]

Relationships between the elders are a bit strained and we can learn quite a bit from how the Lord and the elders choose to handle them.

Audio: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript: David Doyle

support …

This Ain't It, Callister [Doctrine and Covenants 63)

In addition to talking about the next steps for the Saints as they prepare for their migration to Missouri, we address some problematic words from emeritus general authorities in this …

As Seemeth You Good [Doctrine and Covenants 60-62]

The elders made it to Zion and dedicated the land. Now what?

What we can learn from the Lord's council to the Elders about how to get back to Ohio and the proper way of addressing those who …

Building Zion [Doctrine and Covenants 58-59]

The Elders got to Jackson County, but it's nothing like they expected. We discuss seeing a future that is far off and hard to envision as well as what is expected of those with educational …

BONUS: Calyann Barnett

We're joined by Calyann Barnett, celebrity stylist who joined the church about two years ago. We talk about her journey, living authentically, navigating church as a Black woman, and more …

The Inheritance w/The Faithful Feminists [Doctrine and Covenants 51-57]

Economic and Environmental stewardship and justice, the Lord's different responses to agency, retroactive integration, and more in this week's …

BONUS: Blaire Ostler

We're joined by Blaire Ostler (she/they) philosopher, theologian, author, transhumanist, and otherwise excellent human. We speak with Blaire about …

False Doctrine Sandwich [Doctrine And Covenants 49-50]

Working backwards on the Family Proclamation, accepting partial truths, and more.

Audio: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript: David Doyle

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BONUS: Ash Rowan

We're joined Aisling "Ash" Rowan (they/them, author, illustrator and founder of GEM Stories an organization that creates space for gender expansive (transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, …

"Ye Shall Not Cast Any Out" [Doctrine and Covenants 46-48]

More Talmud, who can come to church, spiritual gifts, and more

Audio: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript: David Doyle

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BONUS: Jasmine Bradshaw @firstname.basis

In this bonus episode, we're on with educator and researcher Jasmine Bradshaw of First Name Basis to talk about her ministry in teaching parents how to talk to their children about race, …

The Lord's Commentary [Doctrine And Covenants 45]

An exploration of Christ's commentary on his eschatological discourse on the Mount of Olives.

audio: Tamarra Kemsley
transcript: David Doyle

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The Law [Doctrine & Covenants 41-44]

Mostly a conversation on Section 42 where we cover priesthood keys, what it means to "live together in love", and more.

audio: Tamarra Kemsley
transcript: David Doyle

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To the Ohio [Doctrine and Covenants 37-40]

Episode 100!

This week we discuss the details of the gathering of the saints as well as what we can learn from the story of James Covel about allyship and responding to calls to action.

BONUS: Michelle Franzoni Thorley @florafamiliar

We sit down with Michelle Franzoni Thorley, visual artist, anti-racist educator, feminist, and curator of the @florafamiliar page to talk representation in art, family history, faith, and …

To Preach The Gospel [Doctrine and Covenants 30-36]

A conversation on what we can learn from the specific counsel of the Lord to his very new Elders as they preach the gospel.

Audio: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript: David Doyle

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Meaning of Easter

This week's lesson before conference will be all about Easter so join us for our musings on what it means to us and for us.

Audio: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript: David Doyle

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To Zion [Doctrine and Covenants 29]

In this section, the curiosity of the saints grew greater in light of Hiram Page's revelations being dismissed. What could they learn about Zion? The …

"It Mattereth Not" [Doctrine and Covenants 27-29]

Brittany Mangelson, an Elder in the Community of Christ, joins us for this episode as we discuss passages that are foundational to her faith.

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Audio: …

Personal Revelations [Doctrine and Covenants 23-26]

Where we spoke of a general revelation given for the church last week, this week is mostly personal revelations to various folks and what we can …

Introducing The Church [Doctrine and Covenants 20-22]

It's all about the church in this episode in discussing it's organization, theology, and the implications of the responsibilities of our leaders and …

Worth of Souls [Doctrine and Covenants 18-19]

Repentance, the worth of souls, Martin's doubts and more are discussed in this episode.

Audio - Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript - David Doyle

support the …

Welcome Witness [Doctrine and Covenants 14-17]

Always alliterate

Joseph's trials pushed him into more uncomfortable yet spiritually enriching experiences in the form of meeting the Whitmers and gaining witnesses to the work. We discuss …

Bonus: The wHoly Human Podcast

Katie and Serena, the hosts of the wHoly Human podcast drop by to talk to us about their experiences and ministry as they center disability in …

Priesthood and Progress [Doctrine and Covenants 12-13; JSH 1:66-75]

A conversation on the ordination of Joseph and Oliver, priesthood, and revelation.

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Audio: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript: David Doyle

Enter Oliver w/ The Faithful Feminists [Doctrine and Covenants 6-9]

Ecofeminism, allyship, the role of intermediaries in personal revelation and more gleaned from the first revelations to Oliver Cowdery in another …

Martin Harris Dum Dum Dum [Doctrine & Covenants 3-5]

Beginning the dispensation with a big prophetic mistake

Audio: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript: David Doyle

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Treason In The Name [JSH 1:27-65, Doctrine & Covenants 2]

"...some of those that work forces
are the same that burn crosses"

Somebody waved the Title of Liberty at an act of treason so we should probably …

Unusual Excitement [JSH 1:1-26]

Joseph Smith's vision as well as the setting informing it and response to it are discussed.

Throw coins at the show: glow.fm/beyondtheblock

Audio: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript: David Doyle

The Lord's Preface [Doctrine and Covenants 1]

New year, new standard work!

A conversation on the themes of the preface, themes to look out for throughout the year in the D&C, and how some verses in this section can be taken a bit …

Promise and Commission [Moroni 10]

A conversation about Elder Whiting's devotional, brief conversation about Christmas, and a discussion on Moroni's promise, spiritual gifts, and being perfected in Christ.

Audio: Tamarra …

Blandifesto [Moroni 7-9]

We address the Radical Orthodoxy Manifesto and what we learn from Mormon's final sermons and why the work must go on.

Audio: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript: David Doyle

Crash and Learn - [Ether 12-15]

What the latest Come Follow Me lesson teaches us about weakness, civil rights, and crash theory

Audio: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript: David Doyle

support …

GoT but make it Mormon [Ether 6-11]

Family drama, political intrigue, murder, and more made appearances in this week's reading

Audio: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript: David Doyle

Support the …

Brother of Jared, Queer Hero [Ether 1-5]

What we can learn from the brother of Jared about prayer, divine collaboration, and more.

Audio Edit: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript: David Doyle

Support …

Beginning of the End [Mormon 1-6]

Mormon had a sad existence - born and raised in wickedness, conflict, and violence. What are we supposed to learn from his life, experiences, and …

Zion Era [3 Nephi 27 - 4 Nephi 1]

Jesus finishes his ministry in the Americas leading to the Nephites and Lamanites building a utopian society.

Transcripts: David Doyle
Audio: Tamarra Kemsley

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Conference Recap [3 Nephi 20 - 26]

Recap of October 2020 General conference

Why the Savior quoted the exile narrative of the Israelites to the people of Nephi and what that has to do with the LGBTQ community, what inclusion …

Jesus Talk w/The Faithful Feminists [3 Nephi 17-19]

Joining our sisters over at the Faithful Feminists today to discuss this week's Come Follow Me! The compassion of Christ and the feminist undertones …

BONUS: Interview with Danielle Calder of @OurMotherInHeaven

A conversation about Heavenly Mother

Danielle Calder is the founder and creator of Our Mother in Heaven, an online organization that shares information about God the Mother from The Church …

Jesus to the Other Sheep [3 Nephi 12-16]

We begin Jesus ministry to the Nephites and discuss the sermon on the mount

Audio Editing: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript Editing: David Doyle

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The Storm Before The Calm [3 Nephi 8-11]

Christ goes Avatar Kyoshi and owns the destruction of Nephite cities and lives to usher in a new era that will begin the crowning moment of the BoM - the appearance of Christ in the …

On The Morrow [3 Nephi 1-7]

What the trials of the Nephites an Lamanites in the midst of the Gadianton Robbers teach us about empathy, resilience, law and order, and more...

Audio Edits: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript …

Samuel The Lamanite [Helaman 13-16]

Samuel's sermon, the legacy of economic justice in sacred texts, commitments to ignorance and more...

Transcript: David Doyle
Audio Edit: Tamarra Kemsley


Nephi Vs. The World [Helaman 7-12]

What Nephi and Kaepernick have in common, what we learn about discourse regarding heavy subjects, and more

Audio editing: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript editing: David Doyle

BONUS: Interview with Dr. Farina King

Dr. Farina King, a citizen of the Navajo Nation, is Assistant Professor of History and affiliated faculty of Cherokee and Indigenous Studies at …

Pride and Remembrance [Helaman 1-6]

We learn about reparations, textiles, the subversive power of remembering and more in this week's episode.

Editing: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcript editing: David Doyle

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War Chapters Pt. 2 [Alma 53-63]

What we learn about and from the Anti-Nephi-Lehite women based on what is not written.

What we can learn about racial justice from Moroni's complaint to Pahoran.

What we learn about allyship …

War Chapters Pt.1 [Alma 43-52]

The first of the war chapters and what we can learn from the methods of war and the Nephite/Lamanite conflict

Throw coins at the cause: glow.fm/beyondtheblock

Get Right, Get Back To Work [Alma 39-42]

We get great doctrine and another story of redemption in this week's lesson and yet again there are practical applications to our day.

Transcription: David Doyle
Audio Editing: Tamarra Kemsley

And Shiblon [Alma 36-38]

Helaman got a whole book. Corianton got three chapters. The least we could do is name an episode for Shiblon

Link to Rev. Dr. Fatimah Salleh's course …

Reclaiming My Zoramites [Alma 32-35]

Alma 32-35

What the mission to the Zoramites teaches us about refugees, claiming your space, and reparations and more

Throw coins: glow.fm/beyondtheblock

Transcription editing: David Doyle

Truth In Heresy [Alma 30-31]

Alma 30-31

Why was Korihor so convincing?
Why didn't he get a second chance?
How can we see ourselves in Korihor and the Zoramites?

Audio editing: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcription editing: David …

Mission Conclusion [Alma 23-29]

Why are white folks waking up now?

Alma 23-29

Transgressive Heroes (feat. The Faithful Feminists)[Alma 17-22]

Our friends and sisters in Christ @thefaithfulfeminists join us for an edifying discussion on Alma 17-22. Socially transgressive relationships and …

BONUS: Interview with Taylor Petrey

Dr. Taylor Petrey, author of the upcoming book Tabernacles of Clay: Sexuality and Gender in Modern Mormonism, joins us to discuss his work, his book, and what it means for the conversation …

It's Pronounced "Police Brutality" [Alma 13-16]

The church has made two statements now, one with the NAACP, and still couldn't say the important things.

Alma 13-16

Audio Editing: Tamarra Kemsley

Late and Lacking [Alma 8-12]

President Nelson's statement on racism and why it didn't go far enough

Alma 8-12 and what it teaches about allyship and how those with power justify their sin.

Audio Editing: Tamarra Kemsley

More Black Pain [Alma 5-7]

George Floyd, Amy Cooper, and black pain

Come Follow Me: Alma 5-7

Editing and Mixing: Tamarra Kemsley
Transcription editing: David Doyle

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Political Reform [Mosiah 29 - Alma 4]

Come Follow Me (Mosiah 29 - Alma 4)

Significance of the change in Nephite government, what a Trump presidency might mean for us, the effects of a …

"Mourn With Those That Mourn..." [Mosiah 18-24]


Come Follow Me: Mosiah 18-24

What the baptismal covenant, as outlined in chapter 18 can teach us about how we minister to people among …

Abinadi and Noah [Mosiah 11-17]

Come Follow Me (Mosiah 11-17)

Edited by Tamarra Kemsley

The One Year Mark [Mosiah 7-10]

We've been at it a year! Look at us

Come Follow Me
Mosiah 7-10

What King Limhi can teach us about dealing with this pandemic among other things.

Edited …

Are We Not All Beggars [Mosiah 4-6]

Come Follow Me: Mosiah 4-6

Edited by Tamarra Kemsley
Transcribed by David Doyle

King Benjamin's Sermon pt. 1 [Mosiah 1-3]

A quick analysis of the first three chapters of Mosiah

Edited by: Tamarra Kemsley

Easter And Conference Prep

Seeing as how we'll want to discuss conference during our next show, this episode will be a preparation for conference, including a discussion on the first vision, and a discussion of …

End of the Small Plates [Enos - Words of Mormon]

Come Follow Me (8:00)
Enos - Words of Mormon

Transcribed by David Doyle

BONUS: Interview With Rev. Dr. Fatimah Salleh And Margaret Olsen Hemming

Authors Rev. Dr. Fatimah Salleh and Margaret Olsen Hemming join us to discuss their new book Book of Mormon For The Least Of These Volume 1, …

Khyreauxnah [Jacob 5-7]

That 'rona has cancelled everything

Come Follow Me (26:10)
Jacob 5-7

Transcribed by David Doyle

The Other CES Letter [Jacob 1-4]

The mess over the CES Commissioner's Letter to CES schools

Come Follow Me (41:18)
Jacob 1-4

Nephi: Prophet, Seer, and Trauma Survivor [2 Nephi 31-33]

News (6:52)
Church Statements on Coronavirus
Rich Middle School
BHM ends, WHM begins

Come Follow Me (17:56)
2 Nephi 31-33

Transcribed by Lauren Johns

"And He Inviteth Them ALL..." [2 Nephi 26-30]

"And he denieth NONE..."

(6:44) - BYU Honor Code change
(12:54) - Church handbook update
(44:00) - 3rd Annual Black LDS Legacy Conference Recap

Come …

"...After All We Can Do" [2 Nephi 11-25]

We really spent this whole episode covering 15 chapters on a piece of a sentence...

Saints Vol. 2

Come Follow Me (13:51)
2 Nephi 11-25 (but really …

Black Panel, White Tears [2 Nephi 6-10]

Fish gotta fly, birds gotta swim, BYU gotta racist

Black Immigrant Panel at BYU gone awry
Romney's courage
Buttigieg's significance

Come Follow Me …

Black(Mamba+Skin+History Month) [2 Nephi 1-5]

Happy Black History Month!

Outrage over mourning of Kobe
New digital Church Handbook

Come Follow Me: (22:15)
Dark Skin and curses

For Marvin Perkins' …

Broke Bows And Typos [1 Nephi 16-22]

Utah Bans Conversion Therapy
BYU allows same-sex couples to compete in DanceSport
"Error" in Come Follow Me manual
Clayton Christensen

Come Follow …

Brother Jones Got Opposed [1 Nephi 11-15]

Derek discusses an incident at school
James discuses an incident at church

News (22:35)
Church's statement on feminism
Crystal Legionnaires

Come Follow Me …

The Vision [1 Nephi 8-10]


Come Follow Me: (08:06)
1 Nephi 8-10

Prayer Roll: (55:31)

Did Laban Have To Die [1 Nephi 1-7]

The UMC Split

Come Follow Me: (17:02)
1 Nephi 1-7

Prayer Roll: (53:22)
Make Women Great Again Convention

New Testament, Who Dis [Introductory Pages]

An antisemitic attack almost every day last week

CFM (14:23)
We're starting the Book of Mormon! Title page and Introduction page

Prayer Roll …

BONUS: Why We Believe

James and Derek discuss what brought them to their faith and why they remain

Do You Want A Revolution [Revelation 12-22]

Tithing money scandal
Church Handbook Update

Come Follow Me: Rest of The Book of Revelation

The Episode Before Christmas

Family Search and Ed Smart

Come Follow Me: Christmas
A discussion on the implications of the Christmas story for those on the margins.

#LightTheWorld [Rev 1-11]

News: 00:09:45
Statement on refugees
#LightTheWorld campaign and more

Come Follow Me: 00:26:44
Rev 1-11

Prayer Roll: 00:53:12
A racist suing the parents of …

Deerfield Sheroes [1-3 John; Jude]

News: (00:02:18)
BYU Idaho plays a reverse card

CFM: (00:09:09)
John, John, John, and Jude teach us about Love, Apostasy and more

Prayer Roll (00:49:50)

Be Ready Always To Give An Answer [1 and 2 Peter]

BYU Idaho rejects students on Medicaid
Chick-fil-A had an identity Crisis this week
Active Shooter Response drills - Practical or Duck and Cover all …

James Is A Problem [James]

Strong words from the Pope
Good News for Rodney Reed

James isn't cool with the rich or with folks who can't define faith properly.

Juice needs to mind …

...And Hymens [Hebrews 7-13]

We don't read the manual so we didn't catch the Philemon controversy when we should have

Hebrews 7-13 Melchizedek as a queer hero

Rapper/Actor T.I. …

Herbert, Hebrews, and Heresy [Hebrews 1-6]

Governor Herbert made us proud to be Mormons this week with his response to 45's executive order

Hebrews 1-6

A 12 year old dresses as a nazi in a …

Subversive Christianity [1 and 2 Timothy; Titus; Philemon]

What we learned from this week's Come Follow Me and the apostles' visit to New England about strategically using Christianity to subvert oppressive …

Conversion Therapy = Bad [1 and 2 Thessalonians]

The church's opposition to a bill banning conversion therapy was the big news this week. Why did the church oppose it and how did folks feel?

Atatiana …

Conference Recap October 2019 [and Colossians]

General Conference Recap!
All the announcements and a discussion on the talks of Sister Aburto, Elder Johnson, President Oaks, and President Nelson.

The Changes Keep Coming [Philippians]

Changes to youth program and who can witness ordinances made this week!
The verdict and sentencing of the Botham Jean case

Paul's most high spirited …

Jesus Doesn't Do Walls [Ephesians]

Gearing up for conference

What Ephesians teaches about anger, walls, and gender roles.

A woman who shot first and asked questions later as a well as a …

Paul Vs. President Nelson [Galatians]

President Nelson's BYU Devotional

We go through the book of Galatians and Paul's call-out of Peter's bigotry. The question of how Paul would respond …

Examine Yourselves [2 Corinthians 8-13]

Remembering 9/11
Jessyca's 2nd Coming Out

2nd Half of 2 Corinthians

Body shaming referee and the BPD join the prayer roll

Make It Make Sense! [2 Cor. 1-7]

We got our first one star review, but we don't get it!

2 Corinthians 1-7

One of the September Six has her petition for reinstatement denied

Not A God Of Confusion [1 Cor. 14-16]

update to church handbook
BYU amicus brief

God is not a God of confusion
Paul's teachings on women

Pray for Marysville, Michigan

Of Chris Rock and Corinthians [1 Cor. 8-13]

Church's new child protection training
400th anniversary of the of the institution of slavery

Last half of 1 Corinthians
"I don't know what Oats does, but Hall never had a hit record without …

Our Bodies Matter [1 Cor. 1-7]

Church's WoW statement
Ken Cuccinelli's Faux Pas

Paul exhorts the saints to unity in this week's Come Follow Me

An Objectively Awful Week [Romans 7-16]

Three mass shootings and the biggest ICE raid in decades

The Longest Clobber Passage [Romans 1-6]

Since this week's Come Follow Me lesson covers the longest clobber passage in scripture, we took some time to talk about it and why we can't use the …

LDS @NAACP CON [Acts 22-28]

The big story is what happened at the NAACP convention and what the President Nelson was doing there.

What we learn from Paul's defenses

Prayer Roll: …

Send Who Back [Acts 16-21]

The Prophet's meeting with the NAACP
New youth program
Acts 16-21

45's acolytes make the prayer role

What God Hath Cleansed [Acts 10-15]

...that call not thou common
In depth discussion of the implications of Acts 10-15 for marginalized communities and the church.

News: Emma Gee, New …

Welcome Back Kulvē [Acts 6-9]

Payson Temple repents
#NotMyAriel was trending on July 4th
Loyalty requires criticism
Acts 6-9
Prayer Roll: All the folks mad about a conversion …

Loc'd Out The Temple [Acts 1-5]

How Taylor Swift and Dan Reynolds could improve their LGBTQ allyship
Acts 3 and 4 for Come Follow Me
The Payson Temple did something pretty racist.

Forgiveness And Reparations [Matt 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20-21]

The border
And a discussion on this week's come follow me as well as next week's

From now on, instead of talking about this week's Come …

Vintage Oaks [Matt 27; Mark 15; Luke 23; John 19]

President Oaks BYU-H devotional
Sudan and Selective Outrage
Tan France and Mormons

and more

1978 And Straight Pride [Matt 26; Mark 14; Luke 22; John 18]

Boston and Utah had rough weeks

41st anniversary of the revelation on the priesthood
GO SEE #WHENTHEYSEEUS if you wanna be more like Jesus!

#PRIDE [John 13 - 17]

A primer for the masses, especially the saints coming into PRIDE month.

June 2nd come follow me (Widow's mite, Parable of talents and others).

Mike …

McKenna Denson...Yikes [JS Matt 1; Matt 25; Mark 12-13; Luke 21]

McKenna Denson and Mike Norton return to relevance and it's not pretty.

Jacinda Ardern should still be with us.

Boston's MFA and Ben Carson join the …

Abortion and Equality Act

Shut up and mind your business - Thessalonians 4:11

Sounds About White [Matt 18; Luke 10]

White supremacy had time for the country and the church this week

BYU's Galedictorian

BYU graduates a gay valedictorian
Pray For Dan Peterson and Sean Grubbs-Robishaw

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